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Once upon a time...

...a very, very long time ago (April 20th, 2022), a princess was tired of all the knights in dull armor she'd been introduced too.

At the same time, there was a very handsome knight in a dazzling armor in a kingdom far far away, looking for his princess.

As faith would have it, the fairy godmother* thought these two would be a good match and showed the handsome knight to the princess.

She sent him a message and they haven't stopped talking since.

They met a few days in The Netherlands (June 2022), then a week in Sweden (July 2022), and the handsome knight moved to the princess' castle in the Netherlands (December 2022).

The princess realized she had so many reasons to not want to spend more time not belonging together with her knight, and proposed. Of course the handsome knight said yes.

You're invited to celebrate their marriage with them!

*an online dating app called Hinge

Weekend itinerary

The wedding day will be Saturday September 21st, but please feel free to stay the entire weekend to celebrate (with) us.



If you're in town, we'd love to have a drink and catch up.

We'll be at our venue for the weekend from 5 pm.

It's our wedding day!

11 am-ish
We'd like to start with a casual brunch with everyone who's at the location.

After that, it's free time to roam the surroundings, hang out, and get ready for the main event (both ourselves, the guests, and the venue).

6 pm-ish
Wedding ceremony, dinner, and celebrations

This is your day to spend as you wish! We'd love to spend some more time with you.

We're located in the beautiful Ardennes, so there are villages to stroll through and nature asking to be explored.

We will find and list some options once we get closer to the weekend.


Sadly, the day has come to finish the weekend of our lives. We will be saying goodbye to each other and traveling home.

We can't wait to
celebrate with you


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