With Ups and Downs

In my last update, I shared what a horrible year I'd had, but how I was slowly climbing that mountain again. Today, I want to share a thing about ups and downs.  Because we don't share downs online. We share stunning pictures when we're traveling or have...

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One Year of Being Sick

One year ago, I woke up like I did any other morning. Sure, I was a little tired because I'd just finished my antibiotic treatment to get rid of pneumonia, but other than that, I was fine. I got ready and went to the office like I'd...

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And Now It’s 2019

I used to write flashbacks about the year in December. But usually, a lot would've happened. Good things, mostly. But I can't really say that about 2018. It was a really bad year for me. I got sick in February. It started with pneumonia, then turned into...

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“But, Anxiety Is Only Mental”

I never knew anxiety and stress could have physical issues, except maybe fatigue. We always learn they are mental issues, that can result from pressure at work, school, sports. And when it happens, just go to bed a little earlier, or plan a free weekend. But I've...

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Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash


While mono started as a physical illness, it's now a mental one—or so my doctor says. Like I said in my last blog post: It’s a absurdly high stress and anxiety level, and psychosomatic symptoms that come with it. That means that my stress and anxiety are so...

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