A ‘Thank You’ To My Friends

Ok, so when I wrote How to Tell Friends & Family You’re Actually Tired a while ago, I realize I wasn’t too… friendly about them.

While they don’t always understand, I do have to say that they are The Best—yes, they even deserve capital letters.

So I thought they deserved a thank you.

Because I’ve been sick since February, that’s over 8 months. And my friends still ask me to meet, to plan ahead, to come to events.

And while I have to decline most of the time, I’m very thankful they still ask me and think about me. It makes me feel more normal.

My friends in Budapest: Julika, Andrea, Paula, Matt, Kris, Lucas, Belle, Mór, András, and I bet I’m still forgetting some. (Sorry guys, you know it happens.) Thank you for asking me out, for coming to the doctor with me, for coming to hang out at my house even though it was way out of the city center.

Ilse, Niki, Esther, and Sander, thank you for still asking to meet, even if it’s only a short dinner or bookstore visit. Thank you for the way you respond when I have to cancel last minute, or when I can’t confirm anything ahead of time. Thank you for slowing down with me.

Stacey, thank you for being so patient when traveling and living with me. Thank you for taking care of me, for adjusting our plans, for not complaining when I can’t do something you really wanted to (even if you’re probably thinking it).

I seriously love you guys.

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