Hi, I’m Petra (27 y/o) and I love to travel, read, blog, go to the gym and hike.

On Seize Life by next-chapter.nl I blog about my interests, experiences, thoughts, and dreams. I focus on following my dreams and reaching goals. I’ve been blogging since I was 12 (!) and on next-chapter.nl since 2009. I’ve blogged throughout my exchange experience in the US and college. After graduating I lost track of personal blogging in favor of my work-blogging, but I missed it and wanted to get back into it. So here we are.

I love sunshine, Harry Potter, stracciatella and lemon ice cream, Italy, seeing people reach their goals, green plants, the smell of sunscreen, Gilmore Girls, paperback books, early morning walks in the fresh snow, Budapest, reading while waiting, pouring rain, Dermot Kennedy’s music.

My spare time is filled with reading, traveling, blogging, working out, hiking, and hanging out with friends. I recovered from burnout and depression, and still struggle with the anxiety disorder I got at that time. I blog about finding my way to the person I want to be.

You can read more about that here:

If there’s anything you’d like to ask or tell me, please contact me at petra [at] next-chapter.nl.


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