My Next Chapter

I haven’t blogged in so long and I hate it. In the past months, the urge to write a (personal) blog (or ten) kept coming up, so here I am.

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“Petra, where did your whole blog go?”

I’ve been blogging on since December 2009. From high school grades and my first boyfriend, through my exchange year in the USA and university in Leeuwarden, all the way to freelancing and living in Budapest.

But I feel like I need a fresh start with I’m now blogging more about mental health and self-care (although this will probably change as often as it did in the past 10 years), and I don’t need blogger tags, my English grades, or Youtube videos from my teenage years ago on here.

Don’t worry, I didn’t delete 900+ posts. I archived them.

Maybe I’ll export them to a subdomain. Maybe I won’t. We’ll see. But at least now you know why there are only a handful of posts!