“But, Anxiety Is Only Mental”

I never knew anxiety and stress could have physical issues, except maybe fatigue.

We always learn they are mental issues, that can result from pressure at work, school, sports. And when it happens, just go to bed a little earlier, or plan a free weekend.

But I’ve learned. It can even come from friends, hobbies, family.

A while ago I wrote:

That means that my stress and anxiety are so high, that it makes me physically sick. I’ve been exhausted for months, and this week it was so bad, I thought I had the stomach flu.

Even last week, when I was on work-holiday, I got physically sick.

And why? For the most random reasons. Even for stuff that I was actually looking forward to!

I was on holiday with Ilse, and I spent my mornings working, my afternoons lying next to the pool with books, and the evenings going out for dinner.

On Tuesday afternoon while I was lying next to the pool, I got a little nauseous. The later it was, the worse it got. I couldn’t even go out for dinner.

After talking to Ilse and my mom, retracing what I’d done and talked about that day, and my plans for the next week, I thought maybe I was stressed and anxious about going to Amsterdam during the weekend to cheer on one of my best friends during her half marathon. So I canceled and felt fine the next morning.

On Wednesday, I got the same thing. And this time, I had no plans in the next weeks, except for the dentist and (physical) therapy.

We went out for dinner, I only had a salad and I didn’t even finish, and when we got back to the hotel, we booked the courtesy room for the next day. And about an hour later, I was fine.

This time, I didn’t throw up (thank God), but I was physically sick. I couldn’t even stand on my feet on Tuesday.

I get headaches, stomach cramps, weak muscles, dizziness, nausea. Sometimes I get so upset, I could just start crying. I lose my focus, sometimes I can’t even listen to someone telling me a story.

And a weekend off doesn’t help. Sleeping an hour (or two, or three) extra doesn’t help.

So hopefully these therapies will.

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