I Feel Better When…

Something I left out in my short update last week is that I’ve been struggling with my health lately. This winter has not been good to me.

Winter blues

First, I started struggling with my energy. I assumed that was just because of the super short days here in Budapest: in the middle of winter, it gets dark at 4 pm. The only time I saw daylight was during my 30-minute commute and during my lunch break.

Another thing that took a big part of my energy, is all my activities. I’m trying to do so much, that I don’t have the energy (or time) to do everything. Or well… not since fall when I took that fulltime job (which coincidentally fell together with losing so much daylight). Besides working fulltime and freelance, I’m also managing a meet-up group here in Budapest, I work out several times a week and I try to blog on To do in – although that has been one big fail since I took the job. Of course, that’s on top of normal activities like trying to have a social life and having my own little household.

Alll the drugs

At the beginning of February, I started coughing, the cold air really hurt my throat and chest, and I lost my voice. It turned out to be a starting pneumonia. I spend a couple days in bed while everyone told me to be careful with getting back to work, as pneumonia may linger if you get back to your normal life too quickly. But you know, a girl’s gotta eat (and be able to have a roof over her head, etc).

A week after I got back to work after my pneumonia, I had to call in sick again. My throat swelled up so much I couldn’t talk, eat, swallow, and barely breathe. This time my doctor said I had tonsillitis and mononucleosis. She gave me antibiotics for the first one, plus a bunch of other medicine (painkillers, something to fight side-effects, and something for my nose). As for the mononucleosis: I just have to wait it out.

So that’s what I’m doing now. For 1,5 week I only worked 6 hours at work, I go back to fulltime next week and I hope I can handle it. At the moment I am so tired I feel like I’ll never live long enough to ever get over it. It’s hitting me a lot harder this time than it did when I was in high school.


Slowly but surely – hopefully

What I’ve been doing in the past two weeks in order to get/feel better? I spend a ton of time in bed, either watching tv shows and movies or sleeping. I’m trying to eat healthier, but I only have the energy to cook dinner two or three evenings of the week (and then the next day I have to get some extra rest to recover from it).

Now I’m trying to put together a list of things that make me feel better normally. Because I’m thinking if I feel better in my skin and about myself, that may help me recover faster.

I feel better when I take good care of myself physically

  • With some extra make-up here and there
  • When I regularly use body lotion and face cream
  • When I eat healthier
  • When I workout regularly, both running and going to the gym
  • When my nails are done

I feel better when I am productive

  • By making lists and planning ahead
  • By actually being able to cross things off the list
  • When I do something that’s on the list before sitting down to watch the newest Designated Survivor episode
  • Or reading a book instead of binge-watching another tv-show

I feel better while working on my goals

  • When I brainstorm or discuss plans and work
  • When I send out another exciting email that may help build the future I want
  • Or just when I’m doing my work – writing.

I feel better when

  • I go out for food with my friends (or just hanging out with them in general)
  • I can take a (long) walk in the sun
  • I am blogging
  • I take care of my surroundings, by putting laundry away, vacuuming before my roommate, making my bed, or bringing the dishes downstairs instead of hoarding them in my room

The plan? To try and fit in more of these things. I could meal prep on a Sunday so I can at least eat healthy half the week. Some of them take (a lot) more energy than others and I may not be able to do (regularly) for a while, such as working out, going for long walks, or hanging out with friends. Cleaning, cooking, and working also take more of my energy than putting some face cream on of reading a chapter of a simple-ish book before bed.

Truth is, even the small task of putting mascara on is daunting these mornings.

Love, Petra

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