Practicing Patience—And I Don’t Mean the Game

Wait, did I say I was getting rid of mononucleosis? I must’ve been joking.

Ok, so I felt so much better for a few weeks. I started walking, so I could get to 10 000 steps daily since I couldn’t work out yet. Then, I walked 14 km on a Sunday, because I felt good, missed running and the weather was amazing. The Wednesday after that I crashed and burned, and now (two weeks later) I’m barely feeling any better.

I even went and had my blood tested. There are some illnesses that run in my family of which mono can be a trigger, but fortunately, I don’t have those (yet?). Unfortunately, that also means I’m still walking around with something that can only be treated with patience.

There’s no cure for mono, the only thing to do is wait and take care of yourself. If you hurry too much, it can take a very long time to get rid of it, or even turn into CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).

I’m gonna have to keep taking it slow. I’m really bummed at the moment, because I just want to get back to my life and start blogging, running, fitness, go and see friends, travel, and work more.

But I’m also trying to keep positive. All my friends know I have to take it slow, so they don’t mind if I leave early or ask to do something less intense. Although I can’t do too much in a short time, I have some fun things on the calendar. I’m secretly hoping I’ll be feeling much better by then though!

In the meantime, I’m just trying to take care of myself the best I can, and grow my freelancing hours.


So those fun plans? I’ll be heading to Bosnia in June for five days with one of my best friends. We’ll be flying into Sarajevo and then take a train to Mostar, where we’ll be staying for two days. Then we’ll go back to Sarajevo for two more days. That’s all the preparation we did, we haven’t even booked accommodations yet. So the plans are still very open and we’ll see what we feel up to!

At the beginning of July, another one of my best friends will come to Budapest for about a week. We’re going to Balaton Sound for three days and use the rest of the time to relax and just hang out. She’s seen the sights of Budapest when she came over last year, so no rush to see everything this time.

And part of my family will be in Budapest for a day in July too!

And then? There are plans to be traveling around in south-east Europe for two months and I may even move to the other side of the world again later this year! But that’s for another blog post.


So I quit my job and I’m on my way back to full-time freelancing. Or well… freelancing. It’s not really full-time yet, but that’s one of the goals I’m working on!

I have some amazing clients. I’m writing A LOT, mostly travel and destination marketing and I’m only loving it more and more. Now if I can get some more hours or one or two more clients, I’ll be set.

Now that I’m not totally full-time yet, I’m also working on a couple of courses to improve my skills. However, I have to take a lot of time for my health at the moment, so, unfortunately, I don’t get to it every single day.

All in all, I should be really happy right now (and I am when I ignore the mono!). Besides my physical health, everything is going right for me and there are some exciting things going on!

How are you doing?

Love, Petra

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