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To Blog or Not To Blog

I’ve been playing around with the idea of taking up personal blogging again for months.

As you can see, I wrote a couple updates earlier this year, but as I was only staying home to rest and recover from mono, I didn’t have anything to tell.

Since then, there have been a couple developments. I’m still tired, but according to my doctor, this has other reasons than mononucleosis.

No more mono

It’s a absurdly high stress and anxiety level, and psychosomatic symptoms that come with it.

That means that my stress and anxiety are so high, that it makes me physically sick. I’ve been exhausted for months, and this week it was so bad, I thought I had the stomach flu.

And then it made me unable to travel to London for a couple of days. Unable to do the little work I already do.

So it’s a good thing I’m getting help, starting next week.

Something to write about

And now I’m thinking, I finally have something to blog about: How I’m taking back control over my life. How I’m recovering from anxiety and stress. How I’m rearranging my life to be able to live around it.

I think it’s an important topic to write about. I have numerous friends, family members, and colleagues who struggle with stress and anxiety, more so than most people (seem) struggle with it. And I know many people are afraid to talk about it, not wanting to seem weak.

And this current society, where everybody has to be stressed and busy to show how successful they are, these people hurt. Because they literally cannot be too stressed or busy, before they get physically sick. Or when they tell people what’s going on, all they say is ‘Oh, well, aren’t we all?’.

So I guess this is my first blog about this topic.

FYI: I won’t be blogging on a set schedule, just whenever I feel like it. You know, to reduce pressure and avoid more stress and anxiety.

Photo by Eberhard Grossgasteiger on Unsplash

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